What Will a Biden Presidency Mean for Africa?

Probably the most memorable thing outgoing US President Trump had to say about Africa was his brash comparison of the continent to a toilet. Like many things he said, it was uninformed and unfiltered. True to his campaign promises, Trump has been inward focussed and has played to his grass-roots support. His “America First” stance has been the one thing about which he has been totally consistent.

N Nolands Team

The Stock Exchange Of Mauritius: 30 this year with big plans ahead.

This year, the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) is 30 years old, and like most really successful 30 year-olds, is now looking to new horizons to fulfil its ambitions. Having outgrown its island origins, the SEM is now exploring the potential of the African continent to continue its upward growth curve.

What's going right in Mauritius?

There is something about island life that re-wires the brain in all the right ways. With Mauritius it’s even more so; with the laid back friendly vibe and the relaxed pace comes jaw dropping beauty around every corner and coastal cove. Little wonder it attracts more than 1.3 million tourists a year – more than its own population.

E Errol Denman

Africa’s challenge to grow entrepreneurs

Some years ago, when government in South Africa announced the need to create 5 million new jobs, global scenario planner and futurist Clem Sunter had a simple response: “A million small businesses would generate 5 million jobs.”

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